This name was invented by the doctor of sociology Aaron Antonovsky (1923-1994) in the late 1970s. It derives from salus (from Latin health) and from genesis (from Greek origin). The role of salutogenesis is to restore the vision of the integral part of the person as a physical, mental and spiritual being, as well as their active and responsible role in terms of health and quality of life.

     Antonovsky, in one of his most important empirical investigations, studied women in Central Europe, some of whom were victims of concentration camps. They showed more signs of illness compared to those who had not had this traumatic experience, but still a high percentage of them enjoyed good mental health.

     People need to know that salugenesis studies the relationship between health, stress and the management of both. As I already know, in the life of every person there is more or less stress, but depending on the individual there is a greater or lesser capacity for survival, adaptation and overcoming. That is, it focuses on the importance of how I manage what is happening to me, stress and adverse situations.

     Healthcare and health promotion

     All this implies a paradigm shift when it comes to medicine (and its professionals), as health education and promotion are defended, which is that people play a more active and responsible role in their health, where they can make informed decisions. thanks to professionals, who report individually and collectively on health issues, providing advice and tools.

     If we want to refer only to health promotion, salugenesis encompasses beyond the health sector, where health would be understood as a human right that must be achieved through the coordination of society as a whole. All this will help you to enjoy a healthier life, as well as improving your perception of health, well-being and quality of life.

     To formulate the theory of salutogenesis, it took a lot of work, both physical and theoretical, so I hope it will take up more and more space in public health policies. Every day more emphasis is placed on the impact of lifestyle, tips for managing stress, how to improve our health, etc.

     Undoubtedly, the birth of salutogenesis marked a before and an after in the perspective of medicine, which allows analysis and intervention from the perspective of positive development and the resources that the person has and their circumstances. Seeing the results of applying this new approach to public health would be very encouraging, as it would mean entering a higher level in improving the quality of life of citizens and preventing disease.