Remedies for epilepsy seizures

    Epilepsy is manifested by damage to the nervous system, which is characterized by recurrent seizures due to excessive discharge of neurons into the brain.

This excessive discharge temporarily affects the motor, sensory, sensory, vegetative, and mental parts, depending on the location of the discharge. This condition can occur at any age, in some cases, it also occurs in children and is also called “Great Evil”.

The etiology of epilepsy can be of unknown origin (idiopathic or essential) or of known causes (secondary epilepsy).

     Epilepsy can be triggered for the following reasons:

  • Congenital malformations of the fetus in mothers who have suffered radiation, exposure to toxic products, etc.
  • If you consume a lot of alcohol, drugs, medications, etc.
  • Brain tumors.
  • Inborn errors of metabolism: hyperglycemia, phenylketonuria, etc.
  • Due to lack of oxygen during pregnancy, or due to excessive fever, heart attack, etc.
  • Excess heavy metals in the body (mercury, lead, etc.)

     The most common symptoms of this condition are:

  • In some cases, it is manifested by joint stiffness
  • In other cases, seizures may occur
  • Muscle contraction.
  • Apnea.
  • hypersalivation
  • Loss of sphincter control.
  • Unconsciousness (which he recovers at the end of the crisis).
  • Exhaustion and headaches (after a seizure) and sleep.

     If you encounter epileptic seizures, you should follow these tips:

  • Put a handkerchief in your mouth to avoid biting your tongue. Its role is not to suffocate the person, but only to prevent them from biting their tongue.
  • Do your best to prevent the person from hitting the head when suffering from these seizures. Tie it with a towel around your head to avoid the blow.
  • Unlock any clothing that constrains or suffocates.
  • Do not leave him until he regains consciousness and health emergencies do not occur (call him as soon as possible)

A very good piece of advice to combat this problem is to maintain a healthy diet, rich in vegetables and low in animal fats, industrial pastries, alcoholic beverages. In this condition, I recommend eating onions, apples, and oranges, because they have the role of detoxifying the body and avoiding epileptic seizures.

     Physiotherapy plays a very important role in epileptic seizures:

  • Phytotherapy for the tendency to epileptic seizures
  • Valerian: ideal to relax our minds.
  • Orange: has a relaxing effect.
  • Nettle: detoxifying effect.
  • Plantain: Mechanical Laxative Light helps detoxify the body.
  • Arnica: In case of contusions after the epileptic attack.

The supplements recommended by doctors in epileptic seizures are vitamin B, fatty acids, selenium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, and turns.