Bamboo Cane Massage

    Bamboo has its origins in the Far East and appeared 3,000 years ago. Its role is to produce more oxygen and captures more CO2 than any other plant or tree, has many ecological, technical, and economic advantages, being one of the toughest and most flexible of its kind, it is the most commonly used as a natural substitute for wood.

The Chinese use it as a remedy for bone, joint, and skin problems because a substance called bamboosil is extracted from the nodes of the bamboo stem, which has a high content of silica, which is an essential trace element for the functioning of bone tissue and skin. A good source of selenium, bamboo shoots have 17 amino acids and many minerals, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium (very rich in sodium), copper, manganese, and iron.

In the bamboo massage technique, bamboo sticks are used. Their role is to be used as a complementary tool for performing manipulations. Many people think that this massage is very painful, but it is not a painful technique and it does not break the capillaries. In this technique, we work with carefully smoothed bamboos and In different measures that adapt to different anatomical areas of the human body, it is a vigorous massage, with remarkable bio-stimulating and reactive characteristics for the body can be performed both in localized areas, as well as in the generalized ones.

In this massage, the sticks are used, directly on different muscular parts of the body, its cylindrical shape facilitates its sliding to reach any area, which together with the manual execution of a variety of movements with sticks, turns into a tour ritual. of the skin.

     Types of Bambotherapy and indications:

  • A long shaft that is between 50 cm and 4 cm in diameter. This type of stick is most used in the massage technique, because it will allow large slips and rolling, from heels to shoulders. In addition, it is ideal for specific pressures on different parts of the body, be they circular, dotted, or zigzag.
  • The average cane is 28-30 cm long and 2.5 cm in diameter. Its role is to serve on both sides of the body, as it allows penetrating areas such as the shoulder blades and trapezius, helping to relax.
  • The short bamboo (15 cm L and 4 to 5 cm in diameter) serves as a tool to be used on both sides of the body, as it allows finer and more circular pressure slides.
  • And last but not least, the small and thin bamboo stalks. They are used in the following areas: face, legs, hands, and skull.